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The LXQt logo was designed by @Caig and is licensed CC-BY-SA 3. As such they are not covered by this mailing list which is focusing on the upstream development of LXQt. co. A brand new stable release of the lightweight LXQt desktop is now available for download. Without his clue, I would be late to hear about it and this review will me too late to publish. It is the product of the merge between the LXDE-Qt and the Razor-qt projects: A lightweight, modular, blazing-fast and user-friendly desktop environment. Menu What's new in Lubuntu 19. LXQt, the latest Qt 5. To change the theme, you'll (obviously) need to . 29 апр 2019 Название LXQt появилось на основе проектов LXDE-Qt и razor-qt. What’s New LXQT. обеспечение с лицензией GNU GPL · Свободное программное обеспечение, написанное на Си · Программное обеспечение для Linux. 04, the Lubuntu team quickly launched the Lubuntu 19. You may want to discuss the problem with the Lubuntu developers. org] Similar packages: lxqt-themes; lximage-qt; lxqt-about; lxqt-admin; lxqt-common; lxqt-system-theme; lxqt-branding-debian; lxqt-theme-debian; lxqt It’s used in Lubuntu as default desktop environment. LXQt is available in the main repository of Ubuntu 16. sourceforge. 04 lxqt Updated May 22, 2019 10:02 AM A new theme suite called "Arc Theme" offers flat themes with transparent elements for Gtk 3/2 and Gnome. Luckily, you This article is part of the Linux Desktop Themes series:. LXQt Packaging Team (Mail Archive) Alf Gaida ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬) It should generally not be necessary for users to contact the original maintainer. By default, these themes will be installed in /usr/share/themes. LXQt 0. I am expecting a highly functional and lightweight desktop - LXQt whose alpha release will be out anytime soon. Not many changes here, improvements and a manew re-merge with the Ubuntu branch from Light Themes. LXQt Wallpaper. widgets are drawn by gtk2-qt engine. Familiar experience. When you’re searching for a lightweight Linux desktop environment to speed up your PC, one name is beginning to pop up more often. 20/3. 7 Great XFCE Themes for Linux Gnome might be the de-facto default desktop for many Linux distributions, but that doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s favorite. 04 release ships with up-to-date The pack itself contains everything you need to have the proper themes working, so the only thing you have todo is to copy the openbox theme and the gtk theme to ~/. Following installation guide and review, this is the traditional compilation of suggestions after having a fresh Lubuntu 18. . 04 LTS using the following command. 04 release: LXQt as the default desktop environment 3 months ago ddos With the official release of Ubuntu 19. In addition to LXQt itself it provides a small, well selected collection of applications like the QupZilla browser, which combines Chromium's rendering engine with a nice Qt experience. Those running Lubuntu 14. They are Qt-themes operating at a higher level than the given desktop environment themes, so that they can be used in both KDE/Plasma and LXQT. 10. I set cursor them to DMZ white. but when i move the cursor to some aplication like pcmanfm and terminal,the cursor theme change to whiteglass. LXQt is the spiritual successor to LXDE, an interface using so few resources it makes a Raspberry Pi feel like a full-featured PC. id) * Theme inspired by Yaru Theme of Ubuntu * Buttons from Lubuntu Arc LXQT theme  6 Mar 2018 5 Best LXQt themes for a better desktop experience Few LXQt theme blends better with some specific Qt widget style, GTK+ themes and icon themes. All in all, a good experience, especially given this is a development release of Lubuntu, and, presumable of LXQt as Before we continue, i need to tell you that after installing LXQt desktop on lubuntu 16. Exactly right @ The Mighty Buzzard !!! It’s does was it’s supposed to do ie give a stable and solid core for the user to build upon. I use Fedora LXQt spin on my laptop. User does not belong to any projects. lxqt-admin system administration tool lxqt-common common files (graphics files, themes, desktop entry files ) lxqt-config KScreen system settings center lxqt-globalkeys daemon and library for global keyboard shortcuts registration lxqt-notificationd notification daemon: lxqt-openssh-askpass openssh password prompt lxqt-panel Solid Hi everyone, in this tutorial we'll learn about how to install the latest LXQT 0. An LXQt theme to resemble the square tiles from the WindowMaker/GNUStep environment. 9. Но IMHO ALT Linux. Note: Abiword flickering bug #1574278 from Ubuntu themes is being fixed. Lubuntu has finally switched from LXDE to LXQt. For many Linux users that distinction goes to XFCE. 14. To change it, simply open up the LXQt Appearance Configuration tool. github. I'm also having a hard time seeing the purpose of LXQt . I hope you enjoy. This theme consists of Aurorae, Kvantum, LXQt, and Plasma themes, you will find them under the same name. 0 (дистрибутив Lubuntu 18. It is a bit rough around the edges however it is interesting to see what the future direction is. . 1. The default skin it comes with, to be frank, is kind of dated and bland. 04 LTS How to Remove LXQt Desktop on Ubuntu and Fedora. 0 was released yesterday, bringing quite a few interesting changes LXQt is the desktop from LXDE based on Qt. Trying it Out 20+ Best Lightweight Linux Operating Systems In 2019. 1 . LXDE and Debian have been accepted as a mentoring organizations for Google Summer of Code 2010. 0 has been released on the 25th of January 2019 and it has already completely been imported into . 12 in Ubuntu 18. 10 and successive releases, will no longer support the LXDE desktop environment or tools in the Ubuntu archive and will instead focus on the LXQt desktop environment. 22/3. You just need to adjust the settings using LXQt Configuration  LXQt — это комплект разрабатываемых программных пакетов, нацеленный на . Sddm is the display manager that shows up when you first log in to Lubuntu or logout or choose to another session. Part of LXQt’s appeal is the lack of dependencies (background services that must be installed for a program to run) and the use of interchangeable components. Lubuntu is a light, fast, and modern Ubuntu flavor using LXQt as its default desktop environment. Forum. lubuntu will profit from the development of LXDE and Debian directly. 04, i wasn't able to switch to the standard LXDE desktop, apparently there is part where the default lubuntu desktop is removed during the installation of LXQt. Our Lubuntu QA Team ensures every release works well on every architecture. LXQt. If you like Subscribe If you really like: paypal. LXQt will remain well suited to lower speed computers using a leaner, faster and modular code base than that currently offered by the GTK+ based LXDE. It’s a Classic Desktop with a modern Look & Feel. For example, LXQt uses the Openbox window manager. Lubuntu used to use LXDE as its default desktop environment. You will notice the first thing here is about network manager as this new edition lacks nice feature on that. Lubuntu as a desktop cant be changed that much like Xubuntu or Kubuntu, however, you can make the usual personalization to your themes, change icons and cursors, choose the best font for you, as a Themes & icons. These include two new themes, support for reordering panel items and a set of basic, but much needed, admin tools. The most common KDE/Plasma widget styles work with LXQT too and they are to be installed in the same way as in KDE. There will be those who argue that, because the Kubuntu, Lubuntu, and Xubuntu names are already well known, they shouldn’t be changed. Cool Collections of LXQt Wallpaper For Desktop, Laptop and Mobiles. Linux For Old Computers. The successor of LXDE, combining two open source projects LXDE and Razor-Qt, is LXQt. english is not my native language. alisam. But did you know there are seven official versions? Let's break them down and figure out the perfect fit for you. Lightweight Linux. I Google searched for ways to customize its themes and such and found this link. Установить LXDE в других редакциях Ubuntu  Themes for your Window Manager - Box-Look. Chapter 3. In the meanwhile you can test (or use daily) the new and revamped theme. 04 and above, no need to install LXQt from any PPA. themes (если темы). 10)  25 Oct 2018 Hi, i install Lubuntu 18. Calendar. blog. Lite Linux. Bug Tracker. 04. If you aren't satisfied with the default theme, you could look in the software center for additional themes. This is my Lubuntu 18. ) with Debian. 13. 6 дек 2018 Lubuntu 18. Featuring the interface and shortcuts you can easily get used to. LXQT is most suited for PCs with lower-end hardware. The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment. 16 and GTK 3. 0, which has been five months in the making, arrives stuffed to the gills with welcome changes, bug fixes and performance improvements. If it is OnlyShowIn=true, it is considered an "LXQt Autostart". 04 LTS certainly have no need to panic, with Lubuntu devs committed to providing three years of ongoing fixes. The controls have been updated to match (a branch merge) the Ubuntu standard themes (as we told here) and lots of icons have been added and fixed. 10, это 15-й выпуск Lubuntu и первым выпуском с LXQt в качестве среды рабочего стола по умолчанию, с поддержкой до  19 май 2018 Разработчики дистрибутива Lubuntu сообщили о решении окончательно перейти на окружение рабочего стола LXQt (Qt Lightweight  LXQt ha sostituito LXDE come desktop predefinito della derivata Lubuntu a i pacchetti lubuntu-artwork, lubuntu-icon-theme, breeze, breeze-icon-theme,  31 Jan 2019 LXQt 0. A recreation of Condos-lunatico for lxqt and openbox. Starting LXDE. Active community. light-themes will provide you with Ambiance and Radiance. New lxqt-themes component. org. Phoronix: Lubuntu 18. 0 Desktop Environment in Ubuntu Operating System and its derivatives like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, and many more. It also comes in three variants: Arc, Arc-Darker, and Arc-Dark. Gradient by abgr; Debian/Ubuntu themes by @agaida and @tsimonq; arc dark by Gabriel Ibáñez. These themes are not Qt widget styles, instead these themes are for the the LXQt panel, LXQt runner, and various applets, Lets get started. When it comes to Linux desktop environment aesthetics, the LXDE desktop environment is probably the weakest. In the LXQt desktop, the theme that programs use (Widget Style theme) and the panel them are not the same. Blog. The distinction between "Global Autostart" and "LXQt Autostart" does not depend on the directory in which the corresponding . Since the theme is Qt and not GTK, none of the modern desktops have a way to apply it. com/gabretana/lxqt-arc-dark-theme)" (theme in Switch Between KDE, Windows, and Unity Themes. 0 theme by the KDE Visual Team. Lubuntu is a fast and lightweight operating system with a clean and easy-to-use user interface. I don't know if there is any particular implementation because I haven't tried other versions or one of Lubuntu betas, but a policy of Fedora is to supply vanilla desktops in all theris spins, with default icons and themes; so Gnome (which I use on my main workstation) in Fedora is the purest Gnome experience. Instead, two themes are used. It suggested that LXQt has some configuration centre, which I can't seem to find on Ubuntu. Some even argued that the LXDE developers made a wrong decision on the migration to LXQt. 0. It is compatible with Gnome 3. or other apps in bottom panel ? i am using ubuntu with lxqt desktop. "Everything works out of the box" is the primary reason people pick Linux Mint Xfce Edition over the competition. External Resources: Homepage [www. 04 LTS. 16, it works under most of the desktops environments which uses GTK engines to render the theme, such as Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate, and so on. It that was formed from the merger of the LXDE and Razor-qt projects. LXQt is a free and open source desktop environment for Linux with comparatively low resource requirements. 10 Officially Switching From LXDE To LXQt After working on Lubuntu-Next for a while in transitioning from the GTK-based LXDE desktop environment to the modern and maintained LXQt desktop environment that is powered by Qt5, the Lubuntu 18. [email protected]> - 2014-05-09 13:39:27 Do you own an old PC, like the ones that came with Windows XP? Well, you don’t have to dump them just yet as they can be brought back to life with these lightweight Linux desktop environments. Official themes can be found in the lxde/lxqt-themes repository. 10 is a great example of LXQt system. I have installed LXQt via the lxqt-metapackage and while it seems like a grand desktop environment, I can't seem to customize it. Layan gtk theme GTK3 Themes. Thanks. themes, and the cursor and icons to ~/. Lubuntu 14. 0 Juno. 8. It is a Linux system, that uses the minimal desktop LXDE/LXQT, and a selection of light applications. These desktop environments are characterized as lightweight because they consume lesser resources than lxqt related issues & queries in UbuntuXchanger. net. Furthermore, if X-LXQt-Module=true, the item is not shown in lxqt-config-session. Not much changes since last release, as developers had too busy time and fortunately no crazy bugs were found. Lubuntu comes with pre-loaded softwares and low-end hardware support which makes it an ideal choice for all end users. Fedora LXQt provides a lightweight, well-integrated LXQt desktop environment. And finally my thanks to brother Alwan Rosyidi for pointing me out for the first time about Lubuntu 18. Don't want something in LXDE, or don't want to use LXDE but only part of it? You can choose what you like. Two core parts of LXDE most of the time are releasing together, and this time it is not an exclude of that convenient habit. 04 Daily Builds LXQt 0. 4 Jan 2019 The LXDE desktop environment design is kind of outdated and bland. Therefore, they tagged Lubuntu 15. I m not sure if this is the right section to start a thread about this, so please feel free to move it if needed. 10 is unlikely to feature the new LXQt desktop by default, the lead developer behind the project has said. Apart from the LXQt 0. We’re very close to the final release of Lubuntu 14. Since LXDE is a simplistic desktop environment, many people think that there aren’t any good themes out there for it. Checkout all LXQt components at once by using git submodule. Reporting bugs Translation Contributing code Admin tools KF5 usage in LXQt LXQt 0. After five months of development, LXQt 0. 04 Trusty Tahr. They come with different themes, wallpapers and panel layouts. lxqt. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression GTK themes don't work with LXQt. 0 based LXDE Desktop, released its version 0. The major change that is coming in lubuntu is the getting away from LXDE environment and migrating to the LXQT environment. The team behind the Ubuntu spin have previously stated their intention is to transition to Qt-based desktop as early as Lubuntu 14. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best LXDE themes to download, where to get them and what’s great about them. LXQt is the Qt port and the upcoming version of LXDE (a lightweight desktop environment, used by Lubuntu for instance), which resulted from the merge between LXDE-Qt and Razor-Qt projects. 1, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment. themes (если такой папки нет - создайте). возможно, index. 1 desktop environment, which already offers users a much-improved and richer LXQt experience, the Lubuntu 19. LXQt theme "Plasma" is based on Breeze 5. From maximum performance machines to those with older and more limited hardware, Lubuntu works flawless, giving you a smooth Linux experience. LXDE's raison d'être was to be lighter than other DE's but without loosing too much in functionality, but LXQt is Ubuntu flavours offer a unique way to experience Ubuntu, each with their own choice of default applications and settings, backed by the full Ubuntu archive for packages and updates. vinceliuice. Lubuntu originally used the LXDE desktop, but moved to the LXQt desktop with the release of Lubuntu 18. LXQt is the Qt port and the upcoming version of LXDE, the Lightweight Desktop Environment. The LXQt Dark theme. The unified development team behind the project are continuing to focus on offering a lightweight and user-friendly alternative to the heavier, increasingly complex shells. org Community Portal for FVWM Openbox Blackbox Fluxbox WindowMaker Themes Linux Multimedia Graphic  можно использовать окружение LXDE, в котором он является оконным Ubuntu по умолчанию использует pulseaudio, звук регулировать будем через него. 「 LXQt-Desktop 」を ubuntu 14. The next release of the lightweight Linux distro, due this October, will instead continue to use the GTK-based LXDE desktop, despite development of it being largely confined to A nice new desktop environment that appears to run very quickly even on pretty old (simulated) hardware with no 3D support. shimmer-themes will get you Greybird, Bluebird, and Blackbird. It was a long pending and was due. 26 фев 2016 Использую Lubuntu 14. Installation was also fast and easy. 8 has been released with new Themes and Admin Tools. I don’t know if there is any particular implementation because I haven’t tried other versions or one of Lubuntu betas, but a policy of Fedora is to supply vanilla desktops in all theris spins, with default icons and themes; so Gnome which I use on my main workstation in Fedora is the purest Gnome experience. Some improvements to Qt support. Text flickering or disappearing from terminal on Lubuntu command-line lubuntu 19. Best Lightweight Linux Distros. 10 having LXQt. It’s already available on a wide range of Linux distros. So you've heard about this popular Linux OS called Ubuntu. The name Lubuntu is a portmanteau of LXQt and Ubuntu. Seemingly, your one-stop shop is the LXQt Settings > Appearance. LXQt is made possible by merging the Qt initiative of LXDE and the famous Razor-qt projects. Меняем тему иконок на "Rosa Theme" На вкладке Тема LXQt можно посмотреть на другие темы для панели. LXQt is now lightweight, modular, blazing-fast and user-friendly desktop environment with beauty. But I am totally new to those Linux things. 04 "Trusty Tahr" Review: All well except the Wifi bug! The reason I don't review many LXDE distros these days is that I am waiting for the release of LXDE-Qt. The theme for the panel is called the “LXQt theme”, and it is responsible for how the panel looks. The tiles share the titlebar colors of the aurorae or xfwm4 themes of the same name. LXQt’s currently under development and aims to be lightweight, modular, blazing-fast and user-friendly desktop environment. Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on LXQt Packaging Team (Mail Archive) Alf Gaida ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬) It should generally not be necessary for users to contact the original maintainer. - lxqt/lxqt. desktop file is located, but rather on the OnlyShowIn setting. lxqt-themes. This unique theme change colors and control elements depending on your GTK theme. How to enable the Dark Theme on Elementary OS 5. Improved ending session for shutdown/reboot and lots more. -linux-na-vash-kompyuter-so-storony-avtora-bloga/"]Удаленная  The LXQt appearance settings GUI has no support for changing GTK+ themes, so you may want to install  20 Sep 2016 New lxqt-themes component. theme в ~/. There are many great GTK2 themes for the LXDE desktop. LXQt is the Qt Benchmark: Memory Usage: LXQt desktop environment vs XFCE It has always been rumored that Qt is bloated so programs written in Qt should be bloated. Full details on the release can be found in its wiki. 80 with more updates, fixes, performance increase tweaks and qt themes. Unfortunately, LXDE doesn’t make use of GTK3 (the newest version of the GTK toolkit), so users are stuck with using the old GTK2 themes. 18/3. Not to worry! Since this desktop environment is on Linux, you can tear it apart and make it look however you’d like Lubuntu is offered in many ISOs for several computers, like standard PC, laptops, Raspberry Pi, PowerPC, etc. Launching LXQt sessions Window managers Miscellaneous Themes. Bismillah * Theme is modified by hendra ([email protected] The new release includes new themes, support for reordering panel items and a set of basic admin tools to tweak the system. LXDE In Fedora. Они отличаются только этим. 04 に入れてみました。 LXDE 後継となる(ハズの)、Qt 開発なシンプル系デスクトップ環境ですね。 Qt and GTK based programs both use a different widget toolkit to render the graphical user interface. It is the product of the merge between the LXDE-Qt and the Razor-qt projects. If you want to make it look fancy then it can be done that too it’s that flexible but people don’t tinker a new stuff which is not provided by the distribution, just use manjaro/mate themes and icon and layout. Логотип LXQt Рабочий стол LXQt 0. Thank you! 3 hours ago. The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of LXQt 0. LXQt is a free and open source Linux desktop environment with comparatively low resource requirements. Скрытые  в направлении замены рабочего окружения LXDM на LXQT, Готовая система имеет три рабочих окружения: Lubuntu, LXQt и openbox. The Lubuntu project, in 18. 10 as a bugfix release, and started to prepare the operating system for the transition to the LXQt desktop environment, which should happen during the development LXQt, the next generation of LXDE, has just reached release 0. I had no problem getting them to work with Openbox in LXDE but I'm just now playing around with LXQt and it seems like only the "QT styles" actually style the system (Breeze, Windows, and Fusion). Window borders Lubuntu is a Ubuntu derivative that has LXDE installed by default. The new themes released with LXQT 0. From: Jerome Leclanche <adys. For LXQt desktop pursuer, Lubuntu 18. Re: [Lxde-list] On the subject of graphics. 10 Officially Switching From LXDE To LXQt After working on Lubuntu-Next for a while in transitioning from the GTK-based LXDE desktop LXQt, the next generation of LXDE, has just reached release 0. There are some nice default applications, and a good set of themes. 0 on Lubuntu 19. How to Install LXQt Desktop on Ubuntu 18. Contribute to Lubuntu LXQt is around us for quite a few time and gaining significant popularity, here I'll talk about some popular LXQt themes. For more information on LXQt and the latest developments bringing it to Lubuntu, see here. 10 in October 2018. 0, which brings full Qt 5 compatibility, two beautiful new themes, and a lot of new features. 9 excellent 2 hours ago. Again, we ensure both gtk libraries match, the old GTK2 and new GTK3 ones (no longer look like different environments). 9 SDDM configuration¶. icons Then, the next step can be done by using the standard GUI tools that Lubuntu provides. They’d be wrong. 0 features a number of significant changes, fixes and performance improvements, including new themes and a set of new admin tools. You have a handful of ways to try out LXDE. Not to worry! Just because the toolkit is old, doesn’t mean the themes look old too! There are dozens of great GTK2 themes for the LXDE desktop. Lubuntu brings those three themes currently. icons (если иконки) или в /home/user/. It was formed from the merger of the LXDE and Razor-qt projects. com/lxqt/lxqt/issues. Log out after installing either package and select either the Lubuntu or LXDE session from the login screen. Раньше, еще когда был LXDE, а не LXQt поставить тему значков или в папку /home/user/. Links. 10 but LXQT have not real dark themes (like Ubuntu Mate for example) the available dark themes only set dark colors in  LXQt Dark. Although the latest LXQt version is not available from the default Ubuntu repos, but there is a easiest way to try the LXQt desktop version 0. Development. This article also includes some introduction and changelog of the latest LXQT Release. 10 will be the release that officially moves over to the LXQt desktop and pushes out LXDE Phoronix: Lubuntu 18. 10 will be the release that officially moves over to the LXQt desktop and pushes out LXDE As a result, the widgets, and panel are themed with GTK themes. LXDE ((Lightweight X Desktop Environment) is a new project aimed to provide a new desktop environment which is lightweight and fast. 11 Maintaining a good new dev experience Release Announcements Roadmap Tarballs Thoughts on Pootle TODO for Wayland LXQt is the Qt-based version of LXDE — the lightweight Linux desktop environment used in Lubuntu. Mailing List. Ultimate-Plata Icon Superpack Icon Themes. 25 май 2017 Это вызвано использованием очень легких окружений рабочего стола - LxQt в Lubuntu и XFCE в Xubuntu. org] Similar packages: lxqt-themes; lximage-qt; lxqt-about; lxqt-admin; lxqt-common; lxqt-system-theme; lxqt-branding-debian; lxqt-theme-debian; lxqt Lubuntu is no longer a low system requirements Linux distribution for older computers. Here’s What’s Changed in lubuntu 18. Each environment differs only in its default settings. This article will help you make your Qt and GTK applications look They are Qt-themes operating at a higher level than the given desktop environment themes, so that they can be used in both KDE/Plasma and LXQT. I can set the theme for gnome apps, but Qt apps aren't displayed in "[arc-dark]( https://github. 04 Bionic Beaver theme and setup. 10 is a brand new Lubuntu which starts its debut using LXQt desktop  14 Oct 2014 LXQt 0. 04 на своём нетбуке: приметил, что с каждым Несмотря на то, что мне новость про то, что LXDE и Ubuntu  21 мар 2013 LXDE поставляется в качестве стандартной среды рабочего стола только в Lubuntu. A post on the Lubuntu website mentions that with the transition to LXQt, Lubuntu "is shifting from providing a distribution for old hardware to a functional yet modular distribution focused on getting out of the way and letting users use their computer". 8 are Plasma Next & Dark Alpha. Today LXQt Themes lubuntu lxqttheme windows. Sure Qt don't break backwards compatibility with themes but they're not breaking something that is crap in the first place and absolutely SHOULD be broken for a fresh start. We encourage you to try out Lubuntu, which is based on Ubuntu Linux, and made by our community members. id) * Theme inspired by Yaru Theme of Ubuntu * Buttons from Lubuntu Arc LXQT theme  Bismillah * Theme is modified by hendra ([email protected] See README in the source folder if you want to change colors and shades, the screenshots should give you an idea of what you can do. It's not designed to be powerful and bloated, but to be usable and slim enough, and keep the resource usage low. Currently Lubuntu Next is a separate release to Lubuntu as it uses LXQt in place of LXDE and exists because no decision has been made on formally replace LXDE with LXQt in Lubuntu. This repository comprises a number of graphic files and themes. Each come with different themes, styles and icon sets by default, among other things, so the "look and feel" differ significantly. The LXQt name derives from the merger of the LXDE and Razor-qt projects, while the word Ubuntu means "humanity towards others" in the Zulu and Xhosa languages. Theme based on my Old-Style theme and default LXQt system theme. me/TimkoMathiasen. But they are a downstream issue, probably due to the still ongoing transition from LXDE to LXQt of Lubuntu. Last week I read an announcement by Brokenman according to which LXDE would be replaced by LXQT in the next Porteus release 3. This is great news for lubuntu, which uses LXDE and shares a lot (Code, packaging systems etc. But if you want to try latest LXQt and other features, then you may want to use the PPA from Lubuntu devs. The time now is How is LXQt getting the list of window managers to present in this dialog window? Lubuntu Is Finally Moving to LXQt by Default with the Lubuntu Release : Ubuntu. Try it first. You can use any Openbox-compatible themes to change the look of your window titlebars. Best Linux distro Linux Mint Xfce Edition, Xubuntu, and Manjaro are probably your best bets out of the 12 options considered. sorry for my bad english. And many companies making single-board computers are using LXDE as their default desktop environment. Whether this happens will be decided in the coming months. [email protected] Management of themes and icons in LXQt is a bit cumbersome and frustrating, especially since there’s isn’t really one central place you can use to change the look & feel of the entire desktop. This is the first Lubuntu release with LXQt as the main desktop environment. Lubuntu 19. For experimental LXQt installation, add the LXQt PPA and update the software repo. 10 --the first LXQt edition--. We've gathered more than 3 Million Images uploaded by our users and sorted them by the most popular ones. lubuntu lxqt themes